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Photographic Evidence: Love

December 19, 2009

I know we’re not supposed to have favorites, but he was here first.  I love this little old man, and he even loves me back.  He’s a good boy.


Cats (1) Tree (0)

December 9, 2009

Last night we (OK, I) put the lights and two different types of garland on the tree.  The thinking was that we’d see how the little beasts did with that much, before we progressed to actual ornaments.  The title of this post says it all.

Every night/morning is an adventure at our household.  Our smallest monster cat usually gets the rips around 4:00 a.m..  She either runs around like a maniac the full length of the condo, or she plays a game of hockey.  Hockey is just her batting something around on the floor that she’s found.  We’ve gotten into the habit of putting away the dog food at night, because a piece of dog food can make a gosh darn good hockey puck.  She always finds something. 

Her brother, who is just a month or two older than her, sometimes plays hockey with her, or he’ll chase her when she has the rips.  He’s actually getting a bit better in that now he’ll usually sleep on the bed by our feet.  There is still the occasional time, like last night, that he’ll play with the doorstop.  He just likes the “BOOOOOING!” sound it makes, I guess.  It’s sort of funny when he does it when we’re awake, but it’s not a nice noise to wake up to in the middle of the night/morning.  *BOOOOOING!*

And finally, we have the pooch.  The little old man.  He pretty much sleeps between us every night.  Did I mention we have a full size bed?   Yeah, it’s cozy.  The worst thing with him is that he can be noisy and pokey.  He wakes me up when he’s itching.  He wakes me up when he’s licking himself for minutes at a time (he grew up with cats so sometimes I think he thinks he is one).  He wakes me up with his pokey little paws when he sleeps with his legs fully extended like he has rigamortis.

We don’t need kids.  We have pets that usually wake us up every night.  That’s enough.

Last night we had the trifecta of pet disturbances; rips + pokey paws + *BOOOOING!*.  When hubby went to put the smallest monster in ‘time out’ (aka the spare bedroom where the food and cat box is), he saw that one or both of them had gotten the garland off of the tree and had their own little Christmas party.  If these crazy cats were people, they’d totally be the type to xerox their butts at the office Christmas party.

For now the tree will only have lights.   Until we get shock collars or medication for the lunatics there doesn’t seem to be any alternative.

It’s amazing how far cute gets ya in our household.