Hey Look! Another Post About Knitting…

When you spend so much of your free time knitting, that’s the only thing to talk about that’s going on in your life. Or at least that’s how it seems to be working for me. Every time I’m bored at work I figure out how much more time I need to work on this scarf. At one point I got hubby to time me to determine how long it takes to knit a row. I then multiplied that number by how many rows I thought I needed to determine how much more time I needed to spend on it. As talking Barbie said, “Math is hard… let’s go to the mall!”. Almost every time I’d try the equation I’d get a different result.

Today’s result is telling me that I have about 150 more rows to go, which is supposedly equal to 7.5 hours. Hold on a second. I have to go hit my head against the wall a few dozen times.

As God is my witness… I shall never use size 6 needles again for a scarf!


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