Who’s on First — 2009 Style.

This is the text conversation I had with hubby tonight.  I have a new phone, which is supposed to have better texting.  What do you think?

Me:  Where ya at
Sent 5:53 pm
Me:  I’m. Going home
Sent 6:03 pm
Me:  Please bring the other charger Home.
Sent 6:09 pm
Hub:  where’d ya go?
Sent 6:15 pm

(by the time I got this one I had already gone to the yarn shop and taken the train home)

Me: Home.  You were Ignoring me as usual.
Sent 6:46 pm
Hub:  Ok meet you downstairs?
Sent 6:52 pm
Me: Are you drunk?
Sent 6:54 pm
Me:  I am home!
Sent 6:55 pm
Hub:  No problem.  You leaving now?
Sent 6:55 pm
Me:  Wtf
Sent 6:55 pm

(at this point he gave up texting and called, where I informed him that I was at home and wouldn’t be meeting him downstairs at work)

Me:  I am blogging this ridiculousness.
Sent 7:01 pm
Hub:  I got messages at 6:50 saying you were leaving and to bring the charger.  Nothing about you being home!  Weird.
Sent 7:04 pm
Hub:  Got that about blogging though so I don’t know what’s up
Sent 7:04 pm
Hub:  Work.  Almost done, you?
Sent 7:07 pm
Me:  This is going to be a winning entry.
Sent 7:12 pm

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