Shopping in 2009

If it weren’t for Amazon, I’m sure I’d have an ulcer by now this holiday season.  I have bought exactly zero gifts ‘in person’ so far, and that’s the way I plan to keep it.  One of the best things about Amazon is their wish list.  Guessing what someone you see twice a year might want for Christmas is stressful.  A wish list means you simply click the button, and it’s something they’re going to enjoy.  It’s a win-win for all!

But what do you do for people who don’t have a wish list and haven’t specified anything they want for the holidays?  You know, the moms and dads that can be extremely hard to shop for because they pretty much have everything?  If you’re me and you only know one or two things they really like (and that’s a good example for my FIL), then he gets lots of golf stuff.  Golf shirts, golf shoes, golf balls, golf calendars.  You name it.  Golf!

Now my MIL is a different story.  I knew she liked Christmas angel decorations, but I distinctly remembered after saturating her with those for a couple of years that she mentioned she had too much.  Now my FIL might have too much golf stuff, but until he actually /says/ that he does, guess what he’s getting?  So after my MIL made that statement about the angels, it’s made every Christmas/birthday gift giving pretty stressful.  I did come up with an idea in the 11th hour this  year, though.  I decided to start buying her holiday dishes (plates, platters, etc.).  That way I can pick a pattern and just keep adding a few new things each Christmas.  I’m still going to have to come up with a plan for birthdays, but I still have four months.

Kids are so much easier.


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